Emmerson Mnangagwa responds to Jonathan Moyo

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Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has accused  Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo of being a CIA agent working to destroy ZANU-PF from within. In a lengthy report submitted to President Robert Mugabe recently Mnangagwa claims Moyo is working with western diplomats and officials against the ruling party.

There has been some confusion about the different number of pages leaked to the media. The report circulating on social media is 36 pages – sources say Mugabe’s copy was 85 pages because the font had to be enlarged for him and included several attachments.

The report is in response to a damning documentary presented by Moyo in the politburo on July 19 accusing the Vice President of plotting to unseat 93 year old Mugabe.

In this latest report exposing the deepening rift between senior ZANU-PF officials, Mnangagwa fingers Vice President Mphoko, Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere as coup co-conspirators.

Members of the opposition and civil society such as Nelson Chamisa, Dr. Ibbo Mandaza and Alex Magaisa and journalists are included in the dossier as fellow coup plotters.

Analysts say the document is full of ‘wild accusations and contradictions’.

Commentator Otto Saki says: “Having watched Moyo’ video on Lacoste and read Mnangagwa’s response – all presentations point to Mugabe’s leadership failure.”

Follow the link below to the full document presented to Robert Mugabe by Mnangagwa:

The Anatomy of Party Capture 27 Sept 2017

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